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Pacwest So easy and just what I need for writing my articles

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Shohom Good

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Nancy Fortune3 cart is Terrible! I liked this service at first, but after signing up I found out that there were hidden fees. A huge percentage of my sales went to fortune3 which is not really advertised on their site. I spent days, weeks, lot of time adding products so I ended up staying with them. For a year now my husband and I have had a lot of trouble getting the cart to work right, the website is down just about every day and I am not kidding! Because the shopping cart is hosted on servers (not optional) you have no choice but to deal with it.

Their Support is terrible. When I’ve tried to let them know about problems on the cart or when the web store is down they are very blunt and just darn RUDE! As a small company my husband and I have complained numerous times and they just don't care, they tell us that we just have to be patient and deal with it. I believe that their administrators (David Farache) and owner(s) of the company are not very mature and are not willing to service their product. This situation has been extremely frustrating!

Fortunately I see a light at the end because we have recently moved our webstore to a new Cart and it looks like it is a 120% better than fortune3 shopping cart. My website is always up, there are no extra sales fees and they have best support ever. Very nice people. I hope this helps someone, because I was not very happy using Fortune3 cart.

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Guest thankyou very much for this program

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Murtuza Once upon a time, desktops were the tops of actual desks, and nearly all of them had a paper dictionary on or near them. The best dictionaries were so huge they needed their own stands. You can still see them in libraries. But nearly everyone who has a computer uses a Web-based dictionary, such as the cleverly named, or some kind of software-based reference. TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus is the latter sort. It's a free utility that maintains a huge dictionary and thesaurus locally, not online, so it's completely portable, though it can access the Internet for definitions, updates, and other needs. In fact, it will look up words in most major word processors, browsers, and e-mail clients, including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Outlook, and Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird. It has powerful searching, cross-referencing, and indexing features, too.

TheSage downloads at 8.52MB; about average for today and fairly tidy, considering that, with more than 200,000 definitions, 50,000 usages, and 70,000 phonetic transcriptions in the dictionary and nearly 1,400,000 word associations in the thesaurus, it would definitely be in library-stand territory, if it were printed on paper. But there's really no way for a paper dictionary to do a fraction of the things TheSage does. For instance, there's an encyclopedia of historical, geographical, political, and biomedical information.

Not long ago, a reference library as extensive as TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus would have cost hundreds of dollars and taken up feet of shelf space. Today it's all free and a click away... smile smile smile

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